Midsummer’s Eve

The moon walked before me
Tonight in my wanderings.
Far from everyone I love,
I could cry for ecstatic loneliness
If I weren’t so drunk on her light
And the fullness she is dripping.

Closer tonight she seems than ever before,
Moving toward me at such a rate,
Flinging herself into three dimensionality
From her universal bonds
To land at my brow.

Up there she floats,
Reminding me that one day I will take her place,
So I must gather strength in this life.
And for once, tonight, I’m not afraid.

New York, Midsummer’s Ever 2016

Darkening Down

The time of night:

When your shadow turns to a
Thin hungry dog loping
All joint and bone and thin sharp tooth.

When the moon balances
As abandoned talon
On the bladetip of spire.

When the dark goes so deep
The guttering streetlamp
Blinds you to bright oblivion.

If you release your hold:

You can hear the void of feathers
Rustle at your cheek and ankle.

You can feel the suspended wing bone
All adamant pull you in.

You can cleave to that darkening down
And fill your mouth and nose and ears with silence.

New York City, 2016

The Star

StarAt your shore, o anguished pool,
I was destined to find myself
Faded, bleached, persecuted by sunlight.

I dreamt of your sobbing waters
And of wounds on my body from sharp branch and cruel stone
I braved to find you.

Wait for night to fall
And the moon will transform me into all sharp line unveiled.
Then you will drink from my cup
And my infinite stars will tattoo you to shadow.

Wait for the night to turn you to mirror,
Wait for my legions to rise.
I will draw you to me and reflect all of my kind,
Telling their fortune in your depths.

Orlando, 2016

Love Song

Wild creature of my city:
Would that you were here with me.
We would wrap ourselves in tender lianas,
We would sink into this steaming pool,
We would dissolve into the hot wind
And the jungle would glorify our love in a chorus of chaos.

New York City, 2016